Greetings Realm Rider!

I’m D.M. Kilgore
Freelance Writer, Novelist, and Literary Hitwoman for Hire.

DMKilgore 2018


Welcome To My Crash Course In Novel Living

What is Novel Living?

Novel, as an adjective, means: strikingly new, unusual, or different.

I want my life (and my stories) to reflect those qualities.
Unfortunately, my nemesis The Joy Killer has other ideas:
Make sure life remains unremarkable, common, and ordinary.

There’s only one solution.

And that is how the Literary Hitwoman was born.

Life is a collision course and The Hitwoman is at the wheel. Ride along as my alter ego crashes through the obstacles of everyday life in the pursuit of novel living. Expect the unexpected. Together we will hunt down the enemy and thwart her evil plans. Lock and load. It’s time to assassinate The Joy Killer. Are you ready?

Hop in.
You might want to

Brace For Impact!

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  1. I love the flow and design of this blog. The colors are very appealing yet not overbearing thus making the words easy to read and the site easy to move through!

    Anything this Author writes, in my opinion, is exciting and comes to life. The blog is almost like sitting in front of her having a one on one conversation with her.

    I can’t wait to see post or blogs related to D.M. the person, where the ideas come from or what they are inspired by. When new ideas are in the works, upcoming events and just a “portal” to communicate with her fans.

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