Mission 1: How Do You Find Time? You can’t.

Who is richer? The man with money or hte man with time?The Hitwoman has uncovered a horrible plan laid out by our nemesis The Joy Killer:


The Joy Killer is a liar.

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Sort of.

The Joy Killer has a point. There is no such thing as “finding time”.

Being a stay-at-home, work-at-home, homeschooling, college attending, wife, mom, and writer is no piece of cake. Each “job” has its own unique set of challenges. Tackling one at a time is enough to keep any average 40-something woman on her toes. Tackling them all at once? I admit it’s crazy. It’s also doable.

The Hitwoman has taught me 2 specific rules when it comes to doing all the things on my schedule. She’s also taught me some secret strategies that we’re going to use to prove to The Joy Killer, YES I CAN.

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The Hitwoman’s
Rules & Secret Strategies:

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Rule # 1 You Cannot Do ALL The Things!


• Prioritize Your Life!

1. Take out three sheets of paper.

2. Title one page: Ongoing
Title the second: Alternate
Title the third: Doable

3. On your Ongoing page make a list of the reoccurring tasks you have to get done in order of importance. (Think “have to” and not “want to”.) For example, you “have to” go to work. Take a close look at each item. Can you delegate it to someone else? Could your spouse take on the laundry or washing dishes in order to allow you to complete more of your “have to” items? If you can delegate put a name next to the task and move it to the bottom of your list.

4. On your Alternate page and list your “want to” and “need to” tasks in order of importance. These are tasks that typically have a begin and end date. For example, you “want to” reorganize your kitchen and you “need to” start on that novel idea you thought of a year ago.

5. Take your top 5 “have to” items and your top 3 “want to/need to” items and put them on your Doable page. These are now your priorities. Consider them closely. Think of how much time you’ll need for each task. Mark off anything that is suddenly not as important, or rearrange the items a bit if you feel it necessary.

My Priority List, Prioritize Life, How To Find TimeSecret Strategy #1

Be honest in your “importance” scale. You’ll notice family is 4th on my list. Awful right? Not really. Consider that my family and I are unique in that we are all home together all the time. I delegated much of the homeschooling responsibility to my son who is old enough to do self-led learning. My husband and I tag-team and divide the housework.

Family time for me means a spot in our week where we all drop everything to spend time together. It’s important to be “all there” so it is a priority. Is it top on my list? No, because we are together every day.

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Rule # 2 You Cannot “Find” Time!


• You Make Time!

Track your hours. How are you spending them? How are you really spending them? You might be surprised to find that the “I’ll just take a peek at Facebook or Pinterest” is eating away three or more hours of your time. It’s amazing (and scary) how time flitters away while we play online. Time is something you cannot get back. Spend it wisely. If you track your hours and find that a lot of it is spent on what I call “leeches” (like social media, procrastination, piddling) you’re going to have to get tough with yourself.

If today was your last day would you care that you didn’t get to read everyone’s Facebook status?

I didn’t think so.

photo credit: Charlie Gilkey
photo credit: Charlie Gilkey

Secret Strategy #2

Heat-Mapping, now is the time to check it out. This is by far the best trick I’ve found for making the most of the hours you’re given. It helps you track where you spend your time, but more than that it helps you see what hours you are most apt to be productive so that you can create your own custom “hot zone” schedule! Works like a charm!

Visit Charlie Gilkey’s Productive Flourishing blog and learn how to “heat-map” your way to success: How Heat Mapping Your Productivity Can Make You More Productive

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Tune in next week:
The Joy Killer isn’t too happy about
our new priorities and heat map.
She’s initiated Operation Uncertainty!

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  1. Donna,

    I thoroughly enjoyed your post! I completely forgot I was reading this for a school assignment and was completely drawn into your stories and advice! The two parts I enjoyed most were your advice on us being honest with ourselves about the prioritization, and how we should actually track how much time we spend doing activities. At my work, I constantly have employees who tell me that xyz task takes up too much of their day. When I have them measure it, they are astonished to see it is a fraction of what they thought. Great post!


    • Thanks Jon! I always strive to be more entertaining than snooze-worthy but still offer some sort of wisdom too. It’s amazing how the things we think are time-munchers take so little time compared to those things that we think we were only doing for a minute… like Facebook. Ha!

  2. It really is amazing how much time we all spend online these days. You’re right that time can just slip away. We can’t get that time back. I agree that we need to be mindful of the time we waste vs. time we spend doing things that enrich our lives, like being with the family and pursuing hobbies that we love. I just wish that everyday was 48 hours long. 24 hours is way too short.

    • I have a theory that if we had more hours in the day we’d simply find a way to fill those up too. 😉 Thanks for dropping by and commenting. I always look forward to your blog posts. Color me stalker.

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